Ravens Justin Tucker is very much a professional kicker of oddly shaped, oblong balls that sail, with his guidance, through large yellow posts in pursuit of helping his professional football team procure enough points to best any rival who is pursuing the same goal.

He does not get hit very often.


Hence, a new satirical article on The Onion, which humorously claims that the noted opera singer and Royal Farms fried chicken and potato wedges lover will donate his brain to science to help with research of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, better known by its acronym, CTE.

The joke, as this writer has been tasked with explaining to you, the reader, is that Justin Tucker is a kicker who most likely has not suffered any concussion as a result of his kicking of footballs.

The article begins: “Grinning widely as they thanked him for all the breakthroughs this would surely lead to, researchers from Boston University’s CTE Center politely pretended Wednesday that they were interested in a football kicker Justin Tucker’s offer to donate his brain for research.”

The Onion piece also took aim at a certain retired Hall of Fame linebacker who has said he really isn’t worried about the issue of concussions all that much.

“At press time, the researchers were telling Tucker he could really do some good by putting them in touch with former Raven Ray Lewis,” the article ends.

All kidding aside, kickers can suffer concussions.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Caleb Sturgis did just that in 2016, missing a preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers after a pregame punt hit him in the head. He wasn’t wearing a helmet.

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