Baltimore Ravens

‘Melrose Place’ vs. ‘The Wire’? ‘Monday Night Football’ announcers compare TV shows to Rams, Ravens

Did you guys know there’s a television show called “The Wire” that looked at the drug trade and gun violence in Baltimore?

Oh, you had? You say you’re from Baltimore and have heard of David Simon, the show’s creator, dating to his time at The Baltimore Sun?


Well, it sounds as if you’re not a member of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” crew, unlike Booger McFarland, who is a member of said crew as its color analyst.

Twitter has several opinions on McFarland’s comment during Monday night’s game — that the Rams needed the “right mentality” to stop the Ravens.


That “mentality" apparently comes more from “The Wire” than it does “Melrose Place,” as McFarland apparently wanted to make a point that the Rams should borrow more from the gritty, award-winning crime drama than the soap opera about young adults living in an apartment complex in Los Angeles.


It could be said that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens compare more favorably to “M*A*S*H,” in that they seem like an unstoppable force with limitless potential to extend their dominance for years to come without any real challengers to their style.

Whatever, this season, It’s Always Sunny in Baltimore anyway.