Three questions with Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain

Ravens inside linebacker Jameel McClain has had a busy week preparing for a Philadelphia Eagles offense led by quarterback Michael Vick and running back LeSean McCoy. On top of that, McClain will also be getting ready to play a regular-season NFL game in his hometown of Philadelphia for the first time in his career. Here are some of his thoughts heading into the game.

How many family and friends do you expect to be at Lincoln Financial Field?

I'm going to tell you what's the crazy thing. It might be a sign because literally, I lost my phone three days ago. So I have only four or five people coming. I think it was supposed to be like 16 or 18. So it got me out of trouble with the ticket requests. I literally got like four people coming now. … For me, just the opportunity to play in itself, I'm excited about. But when you have the chance to go home and play in front of people who rooted for you throughout your career, it makes it a little more special.

How dangerous is the Eagles' offense?

They're dangerous. They're definitely fast. They are all pretty fast. I work out with LeSean [McCoy] when I'm in Philly, so I know the type of ability that he has and all the moves that he can make. It definitely creates a challenge for the defense, but playing physical, downhill ball, when you hit people in the mouth, everything slows down for people at that point.

Do you sort of disregard Michael Vick's poor performance from last week?

Absolutely. You don't judge someone's track record off of one game. Michael Vick has been a productive player in this league for a long time. We would be fools to judge him off of one game.

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