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What they’re saying: football analysts’ thoughts about Ravens’ 47-42 victory over the Browns on Monday night

What writers are saying about the Ravens’ 47-42 victory over the Browns on Monday night:

Charles Curtis, USA Today:


“Well, if you missed the end to last night’s Ravens-Browns game then congratulate yourself for missing the best game of this NFL season because that’s exactly what it was … all the way to the final whistle. I mean seriously, you missed a special one if you decided to hit the sack early.”

Conor Orr,


“On Monday night we had the game of 2020, if only because like the year itself, it contained too many wild vacillations, obscure tentacles and we-have-no-choice-but-to-laugh moments to digest in one watching. Too many oddities to run through. Too many bad jokes about things we’ll never know the truth about. The final score, 47—42, a score that has never occurred in the history of the National Football League, was just the beginning.”

Grant Gordon,

“This has been a trying year in the NFL and obviously more so in the real world. On this Monday night, the Browns and the Ravens were a treat to watch. There is no phenomenal analysis here, just appreciation for a sensational football game.”

Mark Maske, The Washington Post:

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Baltimore Ravens Insider


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“An NFL season that has been all about protocols and finding ways to play games amid the pandemic thus produced its signature game and best on-field moment.”

David Fucillo, Draft Kings:

“Good lord, what a football game. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns 47-42 and the number of insane storylines is too numerous to cover all of them. The Ravens improve to 8-5 while the Browns drop to 9-4 in what is turning into a wild AFC race.”

Ian Rappaport, NFL Network:


“Game of the year. And Lamar Jackson and the #Ravens win a huge one. Needed it.”

Skip Bayless, Fox Sports 1 analyst:

I still wouldn’t be shocked if the Ravens won the AFC. Guts. Pride. Physicality. Tradition. Lamar … but first of course, they have to fight their way into the playoffs.”