Despite an active offseason, the Ravens' 53-man roster doesn't look drastically different from the way it did in January. Fifteen of the team's 53 players were not in the organization at the end of last year.

Of those 15 newcomers, nine are rookies. Still, the average age of the Ravens' regular-season opening roster is nearly identical to last year's.


Jimmy Kempski, who writes for The Philly Voice, annually studies the average ages of NFL rosters to open the season. His findings, detailed here, revealed that not much changed with the Ravens.

Last year, the Ravens roster at the start of the season had an average age of 26.43 years, which ranked 27th in the NFL. This year, the team's average age was 26.42, which ranked 25th. Per Kempski, the seven teams this year with older rosters are the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots (26.45), Tennessee Titans (26.49), New Orleans Saints (26.51), Miami Dolphins (26.6), Buffalo Bills (26.74), Carolina Panthers (26.75) and Arizona Cardinals (27.28).

It should be noted that Kempski's piece ran on the night of the final roster cutdown from 90 to 53 players. Several teams, including the Bills, have made many roster moves since.

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The Ravens' average age has been under 26.5 every year since they won Super Bowl XLVII after the 2012 regular season.

The Ravens' AFC North rivals are trending younger. With an average age of 24.24, the Cleveland Browns have the youngest roster in the league after having the second youngest roster last year. The Cincinnati Bengals have the third youngest roster (25.48), after ranking 23rd last year (26.3). The Pittsburgh Steelers rank 18th (26.06).

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