Ravens specialists coach Randy Brown won't run for re-election as mayor of Evesham, N.J.

Ravens specialists coach Randy Brown, the longtime mayor of Evesham, N.J., announced at the township's council meeting Tuesday night that he will not seek re-election in November.

Brown, 51, has served in the post for 12 years and will now pursue professional opportunities.

“I’m relaxed and relieved to be honest with you,” he told the Courier-Post (N.J.) on Wednesday. “I started coaching football in the fall of 1990. I’ve turned down a lot of opportunities to coach football, whether it be high school, college, pros — especially in the last 12 years. I’ve turned down a lot of business opportunities to be possibly CEOs, vice presidents of companies, because of possible conflicts in being a sitting mayor.”

Brown told the newspaper that his son, Tyler, a special teams analyst for the Michigan football team, helped him realize about two weeks ago that the decision was right: “He said, 'Dad, after Ray [Lewis] won the Super Bowl [in 2013], he stepped down.' He said: 'Evesham just got named the No. 1 town in South Jersey. That should be your Super Bowl. It’s time to walk away.”



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