Can the Ravens rebound from their first loss? Which offense will show up? Our experts, Childs Walker and Peter Schmuck, are answering your questions throughout Sunday’s game. They’ll respond live on Twitter, and we’ll round up their answers here. To join in, send a question through the widget below. (On our app? Use this form.)

Regarding Alex Collins what is going on with his touches and are they planning to get him more? -Richard Hook


I expect the Ravens to use Collins more consistently today. His light usage against Cincy was mostly due to the early deficit. -Childs Walker

I’m interested in what you guys thought about our defense last game? -Andy Miller

While I don't think the Ravens will be as disorganized as they were immediately after Mosley's injury, they're now facing significant absences at all three levels of defense. It's a problem. -Childs Walker

What do you think is the solution to our zone defense weakness especially in the middle of the field? -Mark Frazier

Communication should be better this week with Weddle calling the defense from the start. The Bengals exploited Tavon Young, but he matches up better with Den. -Childs Walker

The Ravens perennially for five years or greater have not been able to come out ready to play! Some games they didn’t get going until after the half! This is the responsibility of the coaching to get the team ready to play from the opening whistle!!! Analyze the history of the Ravens first quarter record for us?!? -Sean Ranville

That’s a tall order for an in-game question, Sean, but I’ll take it under advisement for a future story or column. -Peter Schmuck

Why so light usage of Andrews, who performs always when called upon? -Jeff Levine

You have to take into account how little Andrews had played coming into the season. As their trust in him builds, so will his targets. -Childs Walker

It’s early. He’s was in there on third and short for the Buck Allen catch. I suspect you’ll see a lot more of him before this game is over. -Peter Schmuck

Where’s RG3? -@tfay410

Robert Griffin III has not been active in any game so far. He’s the third quarterback. Teams generally only activate two. -Peter Schmuck

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