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Ravens RB Mark Ingram takes the mic to interview Lamar Jackson after win: ‘Tell me how it feel, L Freaky’

The 2019 Ravens are having fun. And after yet another victory, their 10th straight, on Thursday night over the New York Jets, it’s easy to see why.

The postgame interview with Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews was a peek at just how fun.


Running back Mark Ingram II, in his first season with the Ravens after spending eight with the New Orleans Saints, has become the unofficial hype man for quarterback Lamar Jackson. Asked for his thoughts on the record-setting quarterback, who broke Michael Vick’s single-season rushing record and tied the franchise mark for most touchdown passes in a season, Ingram obliged — and then some.

“I’ve been telling y’all man, I don’t know how many weeks ago, that he’s the MVP front-runner. But now I’m going to tell y’all, he is the MVP. He’s great. He does everything necessary to be a great QB, puts it all on the line for his teammates, humble, and we blessed, man. We thankful, we happy for him, and we just gonna keep going.”


The love didn’t stop there. Jackson answered by heaping praise on his running back.

“Hell, yeah. But heck, yeah. That’s a beast, man. I’ve been saying earlier in the season that’s a beast. He brings a lot of energy to the game. He makes everybody’s job a lot easier. I wish he would have got into the end zone a lot more tonight. I wish he would have 100 yards, because that’s my boy. I want him to have over 1,000 yards rushing this year. We’re going to make it happen.”

Then Andrews handed Ingram the microphone.

“Freaky L. AKA, Action Jackson. AKA, Era 8 Apparel [Jackson’s clothing company]. My dog.”

Ingram’s interview was then briefly interrupted by dancing linebacker Matthew Judon, who continued to show off his moves in the background.

He continues: "All right, L. You broke Mike Vick’s rushing record, man. You the AFC North champions for the second year in a row. How it feel man? Tell me how it feel, L Freaky.'

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Said Jackson: “It feels good. We’ve got a lot of season left to play. We got two more banners to hang up.”

Ingram: “So you’re telling me the story’s unwritten?”


Jackson: “Unwritten right now.”

Ingram: “Book unfinished?”

Jackson: “Right.”

Ingram: “Congratulations brother on being the G.O.A.T. [Greatest of All Time], the MVP that you are.

“Thursday Night Football in America, back to you in the studio.”