Baltimore Sun staff picks: Ravens at Browns

Ravens 27, Browns 14

The Ravens have had two weeks to figure out why their offense stinks on the road. Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and company need to put some points on the board early to get their confidence back, and playing the Browns should help. In fact, playing the Browns ALWAYS helps.


Ravens 21, Browns 17

The Browns are improving and won't back down from challenging the Ravens. But the Ravens will persevere if they return to their roots and give Ray Rice the ball early and often.

Ravens 21, Browns 17

The Browns have improved and will be tough to beat at home. But they still are the Browns and come from that miserable city of Cleveland.

Ravens 19, Browns 13

The Browns found a way to stop Philip Rivers and the Chargers, so they don't figure to be a pushover on defense, but they won't be able to run up the score running against the readjusted Ravens defensive front.

Matt Vensel

Ravens 20, Browns 16

The Ravens will take a win on the road however they can get it, but until they prove that they can score points in bunches on the road, I'm never going to feel totally confident in picking them to win.

Aaron Wilson

Ravens 24, Browns 17

The Ravens win their 10th in a row over an improving young Browns squad behind increased reliance on Ray Rice and expanded playing time for Terrell Suggs.

Ravens 23, Browns 17

No road game is easy for these Ravens and this one will be no different. But the bet here is that the Ravens learn their lesson and ride Ray Rice to further solidfy their first-place standing in the AFC North.

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