Baltimore Sun staff picks: Ravens at Texans

Texans 24, Ravens 21


The Texans will be fired up after being blown out by Green Bay on national TV. The Ravens' defense was having trouble stopping the run before losing Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb, which means Arian Foster is already practicing that goofy bow he does after scoring a touchdown. He says it's about showing respect to the game of football. Whatever, the Ravens might see it a few times.

Texans 21, Ravens 14

Matt Schaub is a statue in the pocket, and Houston's special teams have been anything but. But Arian Foster will take pressure off of Schaub and take advantage of the hole in the middle of the Ravens defense caused by the season-ending triceps injury to inside linebacker Ray Lewis.

Texans 28, Ravens 24

After getting embarrassed by Green Bay last week, the Texans will turn up the temperature at home and score often on the Ravens defense.

Texans 30, Ravens 23

Not a good matchup for a team that just lost two defensive stars and already was having big problems stopping the run. The Texans aren't invincible, but they're on their home turf and they have a lot of ways to beat a banged-up defense.

Matt Vensel

Texans 27, Ravens 20

With an elite running back in Adrian Foster, an unstoppable defensive end in J.J. Watt, and one of the NFL's stingiest defenses, the Texans may be the most balanced team in the NFL. And they are at home in a game where the Ravens can't afford to get off to one of their patented slow starts. The Ravens will put up a fight, but with injuries mounting and their defense reeling, winning this one would be an upset.

Aaron Wilson


Texans 27, Ravens 13

The Ravens' porous run defense will be unable to lasso Arian Foster. And the Texans' front seven resembles a runaway stampede.

Texans 31, Ravens 20

I didn't like the Ravens' chances in this one when Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb were healthy. The Ravens haven't stopped the run, pressured the quarterback or played well on the road.