Baltimore Ravens

Five years ago, Ravens victory parade ended in party at M&T Bank Stadium

It was quite the scene five years ago as Baltimore celebrated the Ravens’ 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII with a victory parade. The same scene is playing out in Philadelphia on Thursday.

In Baltimore, fans followed along the parade from City Hall to M&T Bank Stadium, coming right up to vehicles. Some danced in front of them.


Police allowed fans to approach — except for the Humvee that carried Ray Lewis, which was mobbed by fans and protected by mounted patrol. Lewis had already announced his retirement and this was another victory lap for the team leader.

Even before the convoy reached M&T Bank Stadium, police announced that the stadium was full to capacity.


Once the parade reached the stadium, Lewis stepped up to stage, smiled wide to the crowd and yelled "Baltimore!" as he approached the podium.

"There's no [better] place on this earth than the city of Baltimore," he said. "This city believed in each other from Day 1, 1996 to now, we believed in each other, Baltimore."

"I said this is my last ride," he told fans, "and every moment every time I've stepped into this stadium, what I've received is pure love."

Click through the above photo gallery for scenes from the Ravens’ victory parade 2013.

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