Late in the fourth quarter of the Ravens’ 23-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts at M&T Bank Stadium, Mike Wallace caught a pass from quarterback Joe Flacco for 14 yards on a slant route for a first down. After getting tackled, the wide receiver immediately stood up and screamed at his own sideline.

It was not the first time the nine-year pro has voiced his frustrations about not being a more active participant in the offense, and it probably will not be his last. But Wallace made it clear afterward that he thought he should have been targeted more than six times as he was on Saturday night.


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“I wanted the [expletive] ball,” he said. “That’s what I was trying to say. That’s what I will always say. Give me the ball. I’m going to make plays. That’s what I do. So if you give me the ball, I’m going to make plays. I’m an emotional player like 95 percent of the other wide receivers in the league. That’s why I love being here. The coaches love it, I love it and it’s just spur of the moment. I want the rock.”

Wallace’s six targets were the same amount as tight end Benjamin Watson and running back Danny Woodhead received, tying for a team high. And his 60 receiving yards on four catches were tops among all Ravens.

For the year, Wallace leads the offense in receiving yards with 708, and his 47 receptions trail only Watson’s 54. He is on pace for 755 yards, which would be the second fewest of his career.

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Still, Wallace downplayed his outburst and insisted that his relationships with quarterback Joe Flacco, coach John Harbaugh and the rest of the coaching staff are nothing to worry about.

“Oh yeah, we’re good,” he said. “I love these guys, and I love the coaches. I love playing on this team, and I love my coaches, and I love my quarterback. It’s just a situation where you want to make plays and you want to put them away. You see that all the time on our sideline. It’s not a thing. That’s no sweat off somebody’s back. They probably didn’t even hear me. They probably weren’t paying attention and didn’t even care about what I said. That’s just the team we are. They let guys vent. As long as you’re winning and playing well, Coach Harbs could care less.”

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