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Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey arrested in Alabama on robbery charge involving $15 phone charger

Ravens rookie cornerback Marlon Humphrey has been arrested in Alabama and charged with third-degree robbery, according to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The Ravens’ 2017 first-round draft pick and former Alabama player was booked into Tuscaloosa County Jail on Thursday on a $2,500 bond. It’s considered a third-degree felony.


The alleged robbery occurred Jan. 13 and involved a $15 phone charger. The original incident report referred to it as a fourth-degree misdemeanor, different from the charging document.

According to the incident report, Humphrey, 21, and two female companions were picked up by an Uber driver at about 2 a.m. on Jan. 13 and taken to Hotel Capstone in Tuscaloosa. During the ride, Humphrey asked to borrow a cell phone cable to charge his phone.


The document further states that at the hotel, Humphrey refused to return the cable and grabbed several other cables from the vehicle. When the driver attempted to retrieve the cables, Humphrey refused and elbowed the driver aside, which did not leave a mark or cause personal injury, according to the report.

The driver alleged that Humphrey balled up his fist and implied he would get into a fight if the driver continued to try to recover the items. When Humphrey got out of the vehicle, he damaged additional property owned by the driver, according to the report.

Humphrey’s attorney, Paul Patterson, disputed the driver’s side of the incident as outlined in the incident report, adding that “Marlon has 11 million reasons not to steal a … phone charger.”

Humphrey signed a four-year, $11.8 million contract before his rookie season.

“Marlon has not had an opportunity to tell his side of the story,” Patterson said Thursday evening. “The Uber driver makes a lot of allegations in that report that simply are not true. Fortunately for Marlon, we have eyewitnesses who are willing to testify about what accurately transpired between Marlon and the Uber driver.”

Patterson said he thinks the district attorney’s office will dismiss the case once Humphrey recounts his version of what happened.

“We intend on asking for a preliminary hearing to determine if probable cause has been established to continue forward,” Patterson said. “The future looks bright for Marlon in this incident, and I would hope to have this matter resolved in the next few months.”

The document states that officers from the University of Alabama police department found Humphrey inside the hotel and holding the cell phone cable. Although Humphrey contended that the cable was his, officers noticed that the cable did not fit his phone and returned it to the driver.


University of Alabama police made the arrest because the incident occurred at the hotel, which is located in the 300 block of Paul W. Bryant Drive on the university campus.

The Ravens issued a statement on the arrest: “Marlon told us that it was a misunderstanding regarding a $15 telephone charger, which he thought was his. Our understanding is that he has been interviewed by University of Alabama Police and is cooperating. We are monitoring the situation.”

According to Alabama code, a person commits robbery in the third degree if in the course of committing a theft he or she:

(1) Uses force against the person of the owner or any person present with intent to overcome his physical resistance or physical power of resistance; or

(2) Threatens the imminent use of force against the person of the owner or any person present with intent to compel acquiescence to the taking of or escaping with the property.

Humphrey, the No. 16 overall pick in last year’s draft, ended the season as a starting cornerback, replacing the injured Jimmy Smith. Humphrey ranked second on the defense in pass breakups with 11 and intercepted a pair of passes. Pro Football Focus ranked Humphrey fifth among cornerbacks in lowest passer rating in coverage and lowest catch percentage allowed at the end of the regular season.


He has been taking classes at Alabama and working toward his bachelor’s degree.

Another former Alabama standout was arrested in Tuscaloosa earlier this month. Reuben Foster, who just finished his rookie season for the San Francisco 49ers, was arrested Jan. 12 and charged with second-degree possession of marijuana, according to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office arrest database.

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Patterson said the incident is more of a public relations nuisance for Humphrey.

“It’s a sad event because the Humphrey family has a fine reputation in our community and now Marlon will be challenged with repairing his reputation even though it was a simple mistake,” Patterson said.

Humphrey has been unavailable for comment. His agent Joel Segal said he would return a phone call, but did not respond to subsequent calls.

Humphrey did provide a post via Twitter earlier on Thursday.


Strong safety Tony Jefferson came to his young teammate’s defense.

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