Baltimore Ravens

Ravens TE Mark Andrews treated for ‘pretty serious cramping’ after humid joint practice

Spartanburg, S.C. — Ravens tight end Mark Andrews required medical assistance for what coach John Harbaugh called “pretty serious cramping” late in a joint practice Thursday with the Carolina Panthers.

Andrews, the Ravens’ leading receiver over the past two seasons and a 2019 Pro Bowl selection, was treated at the Wofford College campus. Harbaugh indicated that the incident was not related to hypoglycemia; Andrews has Type 1 diabetes and monitors his blood sugar during practices and games.


“He’s got to work through” the cramps, said Harbaugh, who checked in on Andrews as athletic trainers and medical personnel tended to him at the end of a sticky practice where temperatures again climbed over 80 degrees and the humidity was over 70%. Harbaugh said Andrews was “obviously working super hard” at practice.

Andrews had his pads off toward the end of practice, and about 10 minutes before the session ended, he started cramping up. An athletic trainer urged him to stretch, but the pain prevented Andrews from staying in a stretched position for more than a couple of seconds. At one point, as he hobbled toward the end of the field, he yelled out in pain.


Near the goal line, Andrews stopped and called for a golf cart. After walking another 15 or so yards to the golf cart, located between two of the practice fields, he eased himself onto the back of the vehicle. But he soon eased himself off the cart, and as practice ended, a stretcher was brought to where Andrews was being treated.

A canopy was erected over Andrews, and he appeared to begin receiving fluids intravenously. As players began heading off the field, they passed Andrews, who was now surrounded by nearly a dozen Ravens staffers and coaches and medical personnel, including Harbaugh.

Several teammates stopped to check on Andrews as they walked back toward the Ravens’ locker room. About five minutes after practice ended, an ambulance arrived on the practice field and parked next to Andrews’ canopy. He was still being treated when guard Kevin Zeitler began his post-practice news conference.

“It’s always unfortunate,” Zeitler said of Andrews’ incident. “Camp is a hard time, and down here in South Carolina, it’s hot as heck. But it does show one thing: It’s He worked his ass off down here and he wasn’t worried about it. And I trust the doctors and everyone to get him right.”