Baltimore Ravens

Ravens smack in the middle in 'Madden 19' ratings

Fantasy football players rise and fall by the actual game; real football players rise and fall by “Madden.”

For the Ravens, it’s not looking good.


“Madden 19” initial ratings leaked Monday and the numbers should make Philadelphia Eagles fans very happy. Ravens fans, less so.


Of the league’s 32 teams, the Ravens ranked in a three-way tie for 14th with 79 with the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins. It could have been worse, with five teams falling, remarkably, below the Cleveland Browns, who were winless last season.

Individually, the poster-children of the Ravens fared worse than the team.

The team’s top 10 players are Marshal Yanda (88), Jimmy Smith (88), Justin Tucker (86), Sam Koch (84), Michael Pierce (83), C.J. Mosley (83), Brandon Williams (83), Eric Weddle (82), Michael Crabtree (82) and Tony Jefferson (82).

Notably Joe Flacco (77), returning from an injury-filled season, is missing from that list. Lamar Jackson rated a 67, but then again, the former Louisville star has never played an NFL game.

The numbers are likely to change by the game’s release later this summer.

There was one good bit of news for Ravens fans who, on principle, hate their AFC rivals, the New England Patriots: Tom Brady has fallen to a 97, behind three players who pulled a 99 (Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown and Aaron Donald).

You can see how the rest of the Ravens team ranked here: