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Lamar Jackson watch: Here’s how 2018 first-round quarterbacks stack up two seasons into NFL careers

Lamar Jackson was the last quarterback taken in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft. The Ravens even took a tight end over him.

After picking Hayden Hurst at No. 25 overall, the Ravens traded for the 32nd overall pick from the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles to select the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner. Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen had already found their new homes.


With the five first-round quarterbacks nearing the end of their second seasons in the NFL, here’s a look at how they’ve fared so far. (All stats entering Thursday night.)

Ravens’ Lamar Jackson, 32nd overall pick (Louisville)

Completion rate: 63.6%


Passing yards: 3,878

Passing touchdowns: 34

Interceptions: 9

Adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A): 8.0

Passer rating: 101.0

Total QBR: 46.3 in 2018, 78.2 in 2019

Sack rate: 6.8%

Rushing yards: 1,712


Rushing touchdowns: 12

Record as starter: 17-3

Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield, first overall pick (Oklahoma)

Completion rate: 61.6%

Passing yards: 6,834

Passing touchdowns: 42

Interceptions: 30


Adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A): 6.9

Passer rating: 86.1

Total QBR: 53.2 in 2018, 46.5 in 2019

Sack rate: 5.9%

Rushing yards: 228

Rushing touchdowns: 3


Record as starter: 12-14

New York Jets’ Sam Darnold, third overall pick (Southern California)

Completion rate: 59.8%

Passing yards: 5,289

Passing touchdowns: 32

Interceptions: 26

Adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A): 6.3


Passer rating: 80.6

Total QBR: 45.5 in 2018, 44.4 in 2019

Sack rate: 7.1%

Rushing yards: 188

Rushing touchdowns: 3

Record as starter: 9-14


Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen, seventh overall pick (Wyoming)

Completion rate: 56.7%

Passing yards: 4,811

Passing touchdowns: 27

Interceptions: 20

Adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A): 6.1

Passer rating: 77.9


Total QBR: 49.8 in 2018, 43.9 in 2019

Sack rate: 7.8%

Rushing yards: 1,070

Rushing touchdowns: 16

Record as starter: 14-10

Arizona Cardinals’ Josh Rosen*, 10th overall pick (UCLA)

Completion rate: 54.8%


Passing yards: 2,845

Passing touchdowns: 12

Interceptions: 19

Adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A): 4.4

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Passer rating: 63.5

Total QBR: 24.7 in 2018, 19.4 in 2019


Sack rate: 10.8%

Rushing yards: 151

Rushing touchdowns: 0

Record as starter: 3-13

*Traded to Miami Dolphins after rookie season