Ravens QB Lamar Jackson looking ahead at Lions, not back at Chiefs; RB Latavius Murray still learning teammates’ names | NOTES

Even if Ravens fans are still celebrating the team’s first victory over the Kansas City Chiefs since 2012, quarterback Lamar Jackson’s focus is on the Week 3 matchup against the winless Detroit Lions on Sunday.

“I’m still locked in,” Jackson said Wednesday. “I didn’t get on a high horse or anything and be like, ‘We just won a championship,’ or something. None of that has happened yet; we still have a long season ahead of us.”


Jackson carried that mindset during the 36-35 win over the Chiefs. After Jackson threw two interceptions in the first half, he was simply focused on the next play.

“I started the game off [with an] interception for six [points], and they’re like, ‘Man, don’t worry about it,’” Jackson said. “Sammy [Watkins] was like, ‘I told you things like that are going to happen.’ We drive the ball down the field and we score. Then we come back, get another possession and I throw an interception trying to make things happen when I could have just taken the ball downfield like I had been doing. Those guys were lifting me up, so it was like, ‘Man, I have to do my job, pick those guys up and keep the ball rolling.’”


Jackson finished the game with 239 passing yards and a touchdown while rushing for 107 yards and two more scores. He scored the go-ahead touchdown before gaining 2 yards on fourth down to seal the victory in the closing seconds.

“We celebrated, had fun, and smiled about the game,” Jackson said. “It’s over with now.”

The Ravens head to Ford Field on Sunday as eight-point favorites. Since Jackson has been the starting quarterback, they have only lost three games when favored by seven or more.

The last time the Ravens played in Detroit was in 2013, when kicker Justin Tucker nailed a career-long 61-yard field goal to lead the Ravens to an 18-16 victory.

Injuries can bring a sense of gloom to any team, but Jackson — as he showed with a flip into the end zone against the Chiefs — is having fun on the field.

“Part of winning, you have to have fun out there on the field,” he said. “You have to put a smile on your guys’ faces.”

Quarterback Lamar Jackson celebrates with fans after the Ravens beat the Chiefs Sunday night at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Murray adjusting to new home

Ravens running back Latavius Murray wasn’t afraid to admit that he doesn’t know all the names of his new teammates.

“I really don’t,” Murray said. “I just say, ‘What’s up?’ like I’ve known them forever.”


Murray, who was released by the New Orleans Saints on Sept. 7, was rushed into the offense after injuries depleted the Ravens’ running back room. Despite Murray still learning his new teammates’ names, he has made his presence felt during the first two weeks of the season.

“That’s a strong guy,” Jackson said. “People don’t want to tackle that man, I’m not going to lie to you. I wouldn’t want to tackle him either.”

Murray has 64 yards on 19 carries through two games and has been a red-zone threat for the Ravens with a pair of touchdowns. Murray, who has played for four teams in his eight-year career, said his experience with various offenses has smoothed his transition in Baltimore.

“I just think there are a lot of ways that we can hurt you, and again, it starts with Lamar [Jackson] just being beside you,” Murray said. “[With the defense] not knowing if [Lamar is] going to keep it or give it, that right there is just difficult in itself. Then [there’s] all the different things that we’re doing. Coming at you north and south and then getting the ball outside, it’s just tough on the defense. It keeps them on their toes, and it gives us the opportunity to really just hurt them.”

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Murray wasn’t aware the Ravens lead the league in rushing yards through two games but hopes the team can continue the solid run production.

“To hear that stat and to know that we still can be better, and we still can improve — I know I can, personally — and I look forward to doing that,” Murray said. “[I] hope we keep that title at the end of it all.”