Coach John Harbaugh bristled at questions Friday about the Ravens being fined $200,000 by the NFL for violating coach-to-player communications during preseason games.

The team acknowledged on Wednesday getting docked for improper use of headset-equipped helmets by multiple players. The league’s Coach-to-Player Communications policy prohibits multiple players from being on the field at the same time with the communication devices.


Ravens fined by NFL for violating on-field communication policy in preseason

The organization was cited for having multiple players with Coach-to-Player communications on the field at the same time during the preseason.

Addressing the penalty for the first time and two days before Sunday’s home game against the Denver Broncos, Harbaugh said he was unaware of the transgression until he was informed of it by general manager Ozzie Newsome last week.

Asked how many players with headsets were on the field at the same time, Harbaugh replied, “I don’t know. However many guys that had helmets with the green dots on them. I don’t know the details of it. It’s one of those things where I don’t think you get too worked up about it. Our phone guys, our … audio technology guys, our equipment guys do a great job. They work very hard. They try to know all the rules. There’s a lot of rules. They go to the meetings. They listen, and they thought the rule was a certain way, and that’s how they did it. They’ve been doing that for years. It’s what it is.”

Harbaugh emphasized that the coaches were unaware of the error and said team owner Steve Bisciotti did not have a reaction, adding, “You’re making way too much of it. Way too much of it.”

Harbaugh then bristled when reminded that the franchise has been disciplined previously. The Ravens have been fined three times during Harbaugh’s tenure for violating guidelines regarding physical contact and activity during offseason workouts.

Preston: Latest NFL violation adds to Ravens' image problem

The Ravens are in the same class as the New England Patriots when it comes to cheating. That’s the general perception now after the NFL fined the team $200,000 on Wednesday for a violation of the Coach-To-Player Communications policy.

“Way to spoil the mood, you know? Way to spoil it,” he said. “Your implication is, I don’t even want to talk about it because it’s so insulting. So I’m just going to stay out of it and stay away from it. But I appreciate you asking it. It just is, it just is. We do the best we can. We’ve got people who are pros, who work hard. You want me to come out here and start rolling people under the bus? Who work hard? Who make a living on what they do and do their best? You want me to start saying it’s somebody’s fault? It’s preseason.

“They didn’t think there was a rule that applied to the preseason for fitting guys in different helmets,” he continued. “How many helmets do you want to have ready for the preseason? We could have two helmets for everybody. What’s the expense for that? So that was their feeling on it. That’s what he felt the rule was. There’s no advantage gained, there’s no edge gained. So I’m just like the rest of our coaches and everybody in this building. We’re focused on the Broncos and focused on football, not focused on a bunch of peripheral things that are absolutely unimportant and don’t matter.”

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