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'We’ve all got a little bit of superstition in us': Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco shaves for success

Eric Weddle has been fond of saying this season that these aren’t the same Ravens. But after two straight losses, quarterback Joe Flacco couldn’t take any chances that that might not be true.

So he shaved.

“I’ve been thinking about cutting it about every night for two weeks,” Flacco said Wednesday. “It’s not like we’ve been winning with it. So we’ve all got a little bit of superstition in us, I guess.”

Ahead of the Ravens’ game Sunday against the AFC North-leading Pittsburgh Steelers, Flacco’s facial-hair audible serves as an apt metaphor. Wins in the series recently have been close shaves, with five of the teams’ past seven meetings decided by a touchdown or less, and four by four points or fewer.

Flacco told the New York Post in 2011 that he wasn’t very superstitious. (“I have the same routine every game day, when it comes to waking up and what I do at the hotel and stuff, but nothing crazy.”) But with a potential three-game skid threatening to send the Ravens under .500, something had to go.

And it wasn’t going to be Weddle’s beard.

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