Ravens head coach John Harbaugh talks about New England Patriots' cover-0 scheme on defense.

After an August preseason game between the Ravens and Green Bay Packers in which Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers gave quarterback Lamar Jackson praise and advised him to slide more often, Jackson affectionately referred to Rodgers as the “GOAT,” or the “Greatest of All Time.”

But on Wednesday, ahead of the Ravens’ prime-time matchup with the New England Patriots, Jackson made sure to reaffirm his admiration for quarterback Tom Brady.


When asked if Brady was the “GOAT of all GOATs,” Jackson interjected, “Tom Brady [is] definitely the one at the top. Definitely, definitely. He’s got six Super Bowls.”

Jackson has frequently publicly expressed his respect for the future Hall of Famer, stating a desire to emulate the prolonged success that Brady, 42 and in his 20th season, has seen.

“He’s just so cool,” Jackson said. “In the pocket, he drops back, he looks so smooth, like he’s not even dropping [back]. It looks like he really just standing there, just waiting [for] stuff to happen, just [picking] the defense apart. [He is] a great quarterback, man.”

In his first 14 regular season starts, Jackson has 11 wins, second in NFL history. Only Brady and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson have more wins in that span (12).

Jackson has often downplayed the significance of his involvement in quarterback matchups but acknowledged a win on Sunday would feel a little different.

“I’m not going against Brady, because I’m not playing against him, actually,” Jackson said. “The defense is. But to get a win versus him, it’d be pretty cool. So I’m going in there, trying to win.”

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