John Harbaugh sees no issue with team’s confidence after season-ending loss; Ravens face positive health outlook entering offseason

"I think you have to look yourself in the mirror, and I think this team's identity right now is get in the playoffs & choke," said Humphrey following playoffs.

One of the more damning proclamations from the Ravens’ locker room after Saturday’s shocking loss to the Tennessee Titans came from cornerback Marlon Humphrey, who said the team had formed a reputation of choking in the postseason following a second consecutive early playoff exit.

Humphrey then doubled down on his statement the following day during locker room cleanouts, saying, “I stand by that. It actually was what I was thinking on the sideline. It’s crazy. You are what you show on paper and you are what you show on the field. That’s what we’ve shown on the field.”


Coach John Harbaugh, when asked Friday about Humphrey’s assertion, said he didn’t see any problem with his team’s confidence after a disappointing loss.

“No, not at all. I don’t see that at all,” Harbaugh said Friday at his season-ending news conference. “Our guys are confident guys, and I don’t think our guys take too seriously too much of what gets said, especially in the heat of the moment.”

After losing to the Los Angeles Chargers at home in the wild-card round last year, the top-seeded Ravens struggled again, losing 28-12 to the sixth-seeded Titans after a first-round bye. Harbaugh said he didn’t conduct exit interviews with every player after the loss — “It’s not really that productive because I feel like I’m doing exit interviews with the guys every day” — but would be in communication with players over the offseason about “conversations, not football-related until the time comes, but life and goals and stuff like that.”

“Frustration, disappointment, I felt it, we all felt it after the game,” Harbaugh said. “You felt it. I’m sure a lot of people said a lot of things. I’m sure a lot of people said a lot of things after the game that they might want back. Over the course of our lives, we say a lot of things, I think, that maybe we don’t always understand the implications of what we’re saying, right? And we learn. That’s part of what growing us. We all grow.”

Good health news entering offseason

The Ravens ended the season with multiple key players battling injuries, but Harbaugh said the team “had our best year, injury-wise.”

Harbaugh said tight end Nick Boyle suffered a “minor sprain” in the team’s loss to the Titans and would have been questionable for a potential game this weekend, “but knowing Nick, I think he’d play.” Wide receiver Seth Roberts suffered “a pretty good ankle sprain” that would have kept him “out a little bit.”

Harbaugh also announced he was told slot cornerback Tavon Young, who suffered a season-ending neck injury in training camp, is expected to be ready for the first day of the team’s offseason workout program.

“With that, this is the best offseason we’ve ever had, by far,” Harbaugh said. “The fewest offseason injuries to recuperate from, the fewest surgeries, even though we’ve got a couple things pending that second opinions are going to weigh in on for potential surgeries. We’ll see. But it’s the best by far that we’ve had.”