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Ravens announce series of front-office changes, unveil Ozzie Newsome's new title

First-year Ravens executive vice president and general manager Eric DeCosta announced several changes to the team’s personnel and scouting department Thursday, including the title for former GM Ozzie Newsome.

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Although the team has not clearly defined the oversight of Newsome’s new role, he’ll retain part of his previous title, executive vice president.


The team also announced two hires — Nick Matteo as director of football administration and Sarah Snyder as director of sports nutrition — and outlined new responsibilities for nine members of the front office.

“We changed responsibilities for some of our staff. We defined new roles for others. We rewarded a number of people with promotions and added two important professionals,” DeCosta said in a statement.


The following are staff members with different responsibilities:

Pat Moriarty, senior vice president of football operations: Moriarty assists DeCosta in day-to-day operations of all football matters. His previous title was senior vice president of football administration.

Joe Hortiz, director of player personnel: Hortiz works closely with George Kokinis and oversees all aspects of college and pro scouting. His previous title was director of college scouting.

George Kokinis, director of player personnel: Kokinis works closely with Hortiz and oversees all aspects of college and pro scouting. He previously served as senior personnel assistant.

Chad Alexander, assistant director of pro and college personnel: Alexander works with Hortiz and Kokinis as a scouting administrator and chief evaluator of college and pro prospects. His title previously only included pro personnel.

Mark Azevedo, player personnel coordinator: Azevedo works under Hortiz and Kokinis, organizing day-to-day scouting operations. He previously served as a Northeast area scout.

Jameel McClain, director of player engagement: McClain works with players, providing support and education that will help them succeed on and off the field. The former Ravens linebacker was elevated from assistant director of player engagement. He replaces Harry Swayne, who’s no longer with the organization.

Vincent Newsome, senior player personnel executive: Newsome works with DeCosta, Hortiz and Kokinis, assisting on all matters related to football operations and player personnel. He previously served as director of pro personnel.


David McDonald, director of research and development: McDonald leads the player personnel analytics team. He previously served as football systems developer.

Joey Cleary, Northeast area scout: Cleary scouts college players in the Northeast part of the United States. He previously worked as a college and pro scout.

The following are new additions to the football personnel staff:

Nick Matteo, director of football administration: Matteo oversees day-to-day salary cap matters and general roster transactions. He joined the Ravens in January after working 10 years for the NFL, where he was a member of the league’s management council. In that role, Matteo served as the senior director of labor operations and as a main point of contact for NFL club executives on various subjects, including player contracts, salary cap matters and collective-bargaining-agreement issues.

Sarah Snyder, director of sports nutrition: Snyder works with players, coaches, trainers and doctors, coordinating team diet and nutrition. She spent the past three years creating and implementing the Detroit Lions’ performance nutrition program. Before that, Snyder developed sports nutrition programs for EXOS, in addition to the Florida and Michigan athletic departments, where she worked with football, basketball and hockey players.

Here’s a listing of the Ravens’ personnel and scouting staff:


Eric DeCosta, executive vice president and general manager

Ozzie Newsome, executive vice president

Pat Moriarty, senior vice president of football operations

Joe Hortiz, director of player personnel

George Kokinis, director of player personnel

Vincent Newsome, senior player personnel executive


Chad Alexander, assistant director of pro and college personnel

Nick Matteo, director of football administration

David McDonald, director of research and development

Mark Azevedo, player personnel coordinator

Brandon Berning, Midwest/Southwest area scout

David Blackburn, West area scout


Joey Cleary, Northeast area scout

Dwuane Jones, Midwest area scout

Andrew Raphael, Southeast area scout

Kevin Weidl, Southeast/Southwest area scout

Bobby Vega, East area scout

Lonnie Young, West area scout


Corey Frazier, pro scout

Patrick Williams, college scout

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Corey Krawiec, manager, player evaluations and analytics

Eugene Shen, football analyst

“Q” Houegnon Attenoukon, player personnel assistant

Patrick McDonough, player personnel assistant


Chas Stallard, player personnel assistant

Jenn Werner, executive assistant to the EVP and GM

Maggie Domanowski, administrative assistant to player personnel