Baltimore Ravens

When Eric Weddle was released, @EricWeddle saw the tweets. Too bad he doesn't play football.

We’re told it’s important to be yourself. What we’re not told are the caveats. Share a name with someone famous? Maybe consider going with a different identity online.

It is not easy to be the world’s less famous Michael Cohens, John Lewises, Jon Joneses or even this Hillary. On Tuesday night, the Ravens cut Eric Weddle. For hours afterward, @ericweddle absorbed the world’s opinions of him.


Only, @ericweddle doesn’t play football; @weddlesbeard does. One Eric Weddle is a Twitter-verified education journalist for a National Public Radio affiliate in Indiana; the other is a Twitter-verified Pro Bowl safety. And it might take another thousand nights of tweet-shaming for the world to separate the two.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Journalism Weddle tweeted about a former Indianapolis school administrator. Less than two hours later, Football Weddle had been cut, according to the NFL Network. And in came the indiscriminate tweets.


While Football Weddle chatted with some NFL colleagues, Journalism Weddle was happy to entertain interest from would-be fans.

Journalism Weddle also did not mind falling short of Football Weddle’s measurables. His 40-yard-dash time: 20. (Seconds? Minutes? Hours!?!?) His age: 34 — some years ago. His beard: gone. His interest in ice cream: vegan recipes only, please.

By the time Football Weddle’s agent had asked Journalism Weddle whether he needed representation, he looked the part of a Ravens star ...

… and had the support of close friend Tony Jefferson.

After a few hours of good humor, Journalism Weddle announced that he was hanging up his helmet for the night. It did not stop the flood of wayward mentions. Of course, that’s what teammates are for.