Six predictions from six people heading into the NFL draft

The Sun's Ravens beat writer Jeff Zrebiec along with Ravens editor Mark Selig goes over which players should be available when the Ravens draft the six pick. (Kevin Richardson/Baltimore Sun video)

The Ravens have the sixth pick in the NFL draft, which begins Thursday. So we posed six questions to six people in the sports department leading up to the draft.

The panel is Ravens beat writer Jeff Zrebiec, sports editor Ron Fritz, Ravens editor Mark Selig, columnists Mike Preston and Peter Schmuck, and enterprise reporter Childs Walker.

Who will be the No. 1 pick in the draft?

ZREBIEC: California QB Jared Goff. The Los Angeles Rams need the most NFL-ready quarterback as they move to a new city and Goff is that guy.

FRITZ: Jared Goff.


SELIG: Jared Goff. The NFL is asking the Rams to keep it secret so people like us can gin up interest for an already-overhyped spectacle.

PRESTON: Jared Goff.

SCHMUCK: Jared Goff. He's the consensus pick to become Hollywood's newest star.

WALKER: Jared Goff. We all know the Rams traded up to take a quarterback and they'll go for the safer choice of the big two.

Who will the Ravens take at No. 6?

ZREBIEC: Oregon DE DeForest Buckner. Ideally, the Ravens would land either Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey or Ohio State pass rusher Joey Bosa, but both will be gone, so they'll settle for the defensive lineman who would be an instant starter and factor against the run.

FRITZ: If Myles Jack or Jalen Ramsey are still available, the Ravens select one of them. If not, they are trading back.

SELIG: Joey Bosa. They could go six other directions, or even trade down, and it wouldn't be a shocker.

PRESTON: Laremy Tunsil.

SCHMUCK: DeForest Buckner. He's the perfect Ravens pick, both fills a big need and will be best player available.

WALKER: Joey Bosa. The Ravens need a pass rusher, and Bosa brings the mix of physical ability and production they've always coveted in their top 10 picks.

Which team, if any, will trade out of the top 10?

ZREBIEC: New York Giants. Despite their free-agent spending spree, the Giants still have myriad needs, which will prompt them to use the 10th overall selection to get more picks.

FRITZ: Ravens.

SELIG: Cleveland Browns. Perhaps the Tennessee Titans move back into the mix if they can grab a left tackle.

PRESTON: Browns.

SCHMUCK: Nobody. There are just enough true top-10 picks to keep everybody in place.

WALKER: Browns. The new regime in Cleveland knows one player won't solve the team's problems, so if someone is desperate to trade up for Paxton Lynch, this might be the spot.

How many QBs will be selected in the first round?

ZREBIEC: Three. Memphis' Paxton Lynch will join Jared Goff and Carson Wentz as first-round picks, leaving Connor Cook and Christian Hackenberg, who shouldn't have to wait long to hear their names called in the second round.

FRITZ: Three.

SELIG: Three. I've seen a lot of mocks matching a fourth or fifth quarterback with the Denver Broncos at No. 31, but I don't think a championship-caliber team reaches for a project that early.

PRESTON: Three. Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch.

SCHMUCK: Three. Paxton Lynch seems to be a fit for both the San Francisco 49ers and Browns.

WALKER: Three. It's hard to see Paxton Lynch falling out of the first round or any of the third-tier quarterbacks sneaking into it.

Which prospect will slide the most based on where he's projected?

ZREBIEC: Alabama's Reggie Ragland. UCLA's Myles Jack is the obvious one because of his knee, but Ragland will fall victim to a league that places more of a premium on fast linebackers who are good in coverage.

FRITZ: Laremy Tunsil.

SELIG: Vernon Hargreaves. If he slides out of the top 10, the slide might not stop for a while. Teams like big cornerbacks these days.

PRESTON: Noah Spence.

SCHMUCK: Myles Jack. When they're on the clock, some teams are going to balk at Jack's balky knee.

WALKER: Myles Jack. Teams might talk themselves out of Jack because of his knee, even though he's at worst the third-best defender in the draft.

Which prospect will rise the most based on where he's projected?

ZREBIEC: West Virginia's Karl Joseph. Projected by some to go late first round or early second, the hard-hitting safety is gone within the first 20 picks.

FRITZ: Ezekiel Elliott.

SELIG: Noah Spence. Some team, in the name of pass-rushing, convinces itself Spence is past his drug-related missteps.

PRESTON: Leonard Floyd.

SCHMUCK: Jack Conklin. Big tackles are always popular in the first round and the Michigan State star has been underrated in the mocks.

WALKER: Leonard Floyd. It sounds like teams are falling in love with the athletic Georgia linebacker.