"Whoever you see jogging out there at kickoff, they'll be playing," said coach John Harbaugh. "Up until that point, I don't know." (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video)

Staff picks for Thursday night's Ravens-Dolphins game at M&T Bank Stadium:

Jen Badie


Dolphins 20, Ravens 13

It's hard to envision the Ravens' offense scoring enough points with a banged-up receiving corps and a short week to beat a team riding a three-game winning streak. Even if that team has the worst offense in the league and is likely starting Matt Moore at quarterback.

Edward Lee

Dolphins 20, Ravens 13

Yes, the Ravens defense gets a shot at a backup or rookie quarterback for the third consecutive game, but Matt Moore is no pushover. Miami will probably go to running back Jay Ajayi early and often to soften up the defense, but Moore won't be shy about airing the ball out. As for the Ravens offense, perhaps it's best not to say anything at all.

Mike Preston

Ravens 14, Dolphins 10

I am picking the Ravens for no other reason except they have to win this game or the season is pretty much over. Their backs are against the wall and it's a Thursday night game on national TV. They'll show up and win, though the Dolphins are on on mini winning streak.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens 23, Dolphins 20

Not sure why the wiseguys in Vegas posted the Ravens as the opening line favorite, but they probably know something I don't. Probably the fact that the Dolphins also are a mess and they're going on the road during a very short week.

Must-win comes early this season for the Ravens. They need to beat Miami on Thursday night to remain relevant in the chase for an NFL playoff spot.

Childs Walker

Ravens 16, Dolphins 14

If the Ravens are ever going to arrest their fall, it will be on a short week at home against a team that also struggles to score. They're on track to be a bit healthier as well.


Jeff Zrebiec

Dolphins 17, Ravens 13

Until the Ravens get some semblance of offensive momentum and start stopping the run, it's going to be hard to see them beating a quality team. Right now, these appear to be two teams headed in opposite directions.

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