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Staff picks for Sunday's Ravens-Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium

Jen Badie

Ravens 31, Chiefs 30

Over the past three games, the Ravens have held the ball an average of a full quarter longer than their opponents. If the Ravens can control the ball like that, keeping Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ high-powered offense off the field for large chunks of time and their own No. 1 defense fresh, they could win this game. The Chiefs defense ranks at or near the bottom of the league in yards (31st), passing yards (last), points allowed (27th) and rushing yards (22nd). Sure it seems unlikely, but the Ravens and Lamar Jackson could pull this off.


Edward Lee

Chiefs 31, Ravens 22

It’s hard to go against the Ravens defense after that display against the Atlanta Falcons, but the Kansas City Chiefs are a different animal. Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce pose a significant threat through the air. The most encouraging sign is that the Chiefs’ run game has ground to a halt, but the Ravens offense is not equipped to keep pace with Kansas City.


Mike Preston

Chiefs 30, Ravens 23

Baltimore Ravens Insider

Baltimore Ravens Insider


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The Ravens have a chance because they should be able to run the ball and control the clock against the Chiefs. But Kansas City's offense is highly explosive and can score from anywhere on the field. They do a slot of shifting and motion, which will confuse the Ravens. The Chiefs defense is run by Bob Sutton, who has experience with run-oriented offenses having coached at Army.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens 31, Chiefs 27

The Chiefs are going to be facing a real defense for the first time since releasing running back Kareem Hunt, which should slow their roll. The Ravens should be able to control the ball against the Kansas City defense and reduce the number of possessions for Patrick Mahomes. If so, the stage will be set for a big road upset.

Jonas Shaffer

Ravens 30, Chiefs 27

Kansas City is the best team the Ravens have faced this season, but the Ravens are the opponent perhaps best suited to limit Patrick Mahomes and Co. There will be plenty of points, but the Ravens' ball-control philosophy and top-flight secondary give them an edge, especially with Kareem Hunt's release.

Childs Walker

Chiefs 31, Ravens 26

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will offer the stiffest test of the season for the ball-control version of the Ravens we’ve seen since the bye week. Lamar Jackson will move the ball against the Kansas City defense, but his inconsistency finishing drives will leave the Ravens one score short on the road.