Baltimore Ravens

NFL Week 16 picks: Browns at Ravens

Kevin Cowherd

Ravens 27, Browns 6


Facing a ticked-off Ravens team coming off a potentially disastrous loss and needing to win out is not how the Browns want to spend Christmas Eve. But life isnt' fair.

Edward Lee


Ravens 21, Browns 13

The Browns have proven that they can contain the Ravens' aerial attack, and Seneca Wallace is the type of athletic quarterback who can buy time. But the Ravens don't lose at home and won't do so on Sunday.

Mike Preston

Ravens 24, Browns 7

The Browns have improved, but not enough to pull off an upset in Baltimore.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens 30, Browns 10

Not a good week to be visiting M&T Bank Stadium with a second-tier team. Somebody's going to have to pay for what happened on Sunday night.


Kevin Van Valkenburg

Ravens 31, Browns 3

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Even people in Cleveland don't want the Browns to win this game. Ray Rice and Ricky Williams have another big day.

Mark Viviano

Ravens 27, Browns 13

My prediction that the Ravens run the table with a perfect home record in the regular season comes to fruition. They're a different team at home.


Jeff Zrebiec

Ravens 23, Browns 10

The Ravens will encounter a little more resistance this time, but they'll still wake up on Christmas morning atop the AFC North.