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College rivalries linger in NFL: Ravens’ Mark Andrews mocks 49ers’ Nick Bosa with flag-plant celebration

College rivalries never die, even when you reach the NFL.

In 2017, after knocking off then-No. 2 Ohio State on the road, former Oklahoma and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield took an Oklahoma flag and drove it into the ground at midfield of Ohio Stadium.


The act didn’t sit well with former Ohio State and San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa, who jumped at the first opportunity to get back at Mayfield.

In a Week 5 matchup between Cleveland and San Francisco earlier this season, Bosa mocked Mayfield’s celebration, pretending to plant a flag in the ground after a sack.


Weeks later, when Ravens tight end Mark Andrews, a former teammate of Mayfield, scored in the first quarter of Sunday’s 20-17 home win, he made sure to back his former teammate.

“That was a little comeback, ‘Bosa! Bosa!’ You know, one of those things,” Andrews said. “Just like he said, ‘Baker! Baker!’ in that game. It is what it is, just having fun out there. If you kind of talk bad about Oklahoma, you’re going to get reprimanded. So, it is what it is.”

Running back Mark Ingram II and tight end Hayden Hurst joined in for the celebration but surprisingly, right tackle Orlando Brown Jr., a former teammate of Mayfield and Andrews as well, was nowhere to be seen on the action.

”I’m not going to lie to y’all, I didn’t see that one,” Brown said. ”I was blocking downfield, but I heard about it. ... I didn’t know [Andrews was going to do the celebration]. I wish I would have known. I definitely would have helped plan it.”