With Ravens' AFC North title, their 2019 opponents are set

The Ravens won’t know when they’ll kick off their 2019 season, or against whom, until the spring. But with their AFC North-clinching win Sunday, they filled in the last remaining gaps in next season’s schedule.

As always, the Ravens will play six games against their AFC North foes, with three games at home and three away against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

Under the NFL’s scheduling rotation, the Ravens and their divisional brethren were already set to face the AFC East and the NFC West. The Ravens will host the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers and travel to face the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams.

But with Sunday’s win over the Browns, the Ravens finalized their final two regular-season opponents. Because they finished atop the AFC North, the Ravens will face two other division champions in 2019: the AFC South-winning Houston Texans at home and the AFC West-winning Kansas City Chiefs on the road.

Here’s a full breakdown of the year ahead.

Home: Steelers, Browns, Bengals, Patriots, Jets, Cardinals, 49ers and Texans.

Road: Steelers, Browns, Bengals, Dolphins, Bills, Seahawks, Rams and Chiefs.



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