Mike Preston: These British fans like one style of football, and that's American-style

Ravens Insider Mike Preston talks with Ravens fans in the U.K. in anticipation of Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium in London.

According to Great Britain natives Domonyc Steer and Aaron Mahoney-Jones, there is only one game of football and it's played by heroes Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs.

Both played soccer and rugby, but prefer football American-style.


"Those three are the greatest," said Steer, 19, a middle linebacker for the London Blitz. "I just want to see Suggs based on his role in the defense. He took up after Ray Lewis and just stepped right in."

On Friday, Steer and Mahoney-Jones worked a clinic with several other Ravens for about 100 youth in the London area. They both knew Suggs was coming but were surprised to see Lewis, as well as Ravens Hall of Fame offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden.

Steer was so happy that he broke out in Lewis' signature dance, "The Squirrel," and says he does it before his own introduction in high school games.

"I got that little slide here, that little slide there, then dot, dot, dot," Steer said. "It's not a cocky dance, it's just who they are.

"If you don't like it then stop him from doing it. If you don't like what Cam Newton does than stop him from doing it."

Both Steer and Mahoney-Jones, also 19, said the American public would be surprised by the interest of people living in England who wanted to play football.

While there are concerns about concussions in the league which has led to dwindling numbers of participants throughout the United States, Mahoney-Jones just shrugs that off. It's not a major concern for him.

"If you are a writer and your fingers get tight that doesn't mean you stop writing," Mahoney-Jones said. "Football is a tough sport, a contact sport, and sometimes concussions are just part of the game. People who live across the pond don't believe in the interest over here but this is where the talent is."

Steer and Mahoney-Jones are trying to get scholarships and attend colleges in the U.S. Steer is a 6-foot-2, 215-pound middle linebacker who averaged nearly four tackles a game last year.

Mahoney-Jones is a 5-10, 190-pound running back who rushed for 2,000 yards and scored 21 touchdowns last season. He said he ran the 40 dash in 4.39 seconds when he was 15. They came to watch the Ravens to pick up some tips.

"We have to find out what will make us better and look at the pros," Steer said. "I want to see their intensity and how they channel it. I want to watch the running backs and see what makes them so smooth. I am just glad they are here."