Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg should be glad the Ravens aren't playing the Washington Redskins within the next two weeks.

After losing to the Redskins in 2012 and 2016 Ravens head coach John Harbaugh fired offensive coordinators Cam Cameron and Marc Trestman. And if the offense continues to struggle the next two weeks, Mornhinweg could be out as well.


It's the perfect time to make a change. The Ravens have a nine-day window after hosting Miami on Thursday, and then the bye week after a Nov. 5 game in Tennessee against the Titans.

And it's near the midway point of the season. Mornhinweg, whose offense is ranked No. 29 in the NFL averaging about 289 yards, isn't overly concerned.

"Look, I've been a part of some great teams, some medium teams, some poor teams," said Mornhinweg, who has been a coordinator four times throughout his 23-year NFL career. "I've been through it before. You pull your boot straps up and some guys – the players – handle it really well. I kind of like it when the heat's on. 'Hey, let's bounce back.' The fellows did it a week ago in Oakland; they bounced back pretty well.

"So, that's what we're looking for. When things are going good, you better work, or you're not going to stay there and get even better. When things are going medium, you better work. When things go bad, you better go to work. So, that's our mentality. We've talked about this before: No. 1, if we can just get better every day then good things tend to happen – that's our mind-set."

Owner Steve Bisciotti can't be happy with Mornhinweg's offense, and he was actively involved in the dismissal of Cameron. He admits to being impulsive and team officials know they have to win this season.

The Ravens (3-3) haven't been to the playoffs in three of the last four years. They are ranked No. 31 of 32 teams in passing offense (159.7 average), but No. 7 in rushing offense averaging 129.5 per game.

They can't win consistently with this type of imbalance. If they don't improve soon the Ravens might replace Mornhinweg with Greg Roman, whom they hired in the offseason as a tight ends coach, but also to implement a new blocking scheme and running game.

Within the past week Harbaugh has expressed confidence in Mornhinweg, but he also gave Trestman and Cameron similar compliments before getting rid of them. In some cases the owner makes the decision, but the head coach takes the responsibility.

Mornhinweg can't be blamed for all of the offensive problems, but the Ravens are predictable and the passing game is simplistic. The Ravens don't deviate much from the initial plan for each game. Almost two weeks ago they wanted to throw long against Oakland and they did. Last week they wanted to stay short and safe against the Bears and they did.

Unfortunately, other teams adjust and the Ravens don't. Other teams are known for certain things. Green Bay runs great screens. New England has that dominant short-passing game.

When it comes to balance, few teams are better than Kansas City and Philadelphia. What are the Ravens known for? They have a hard time running one good screen a game.

The offensive line has been hit hard by injuries and they don't have a prime-time running back or a big-play receiver. Plus, starting quarterback Joe Flacco missed all of training camp and the preseason with a back injury. So when that happens the offensive coordinator either has to scheme up everything well or the team has a No. 29 ranking in total overall offense.

Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace vows to play Sunday vs. the Vikings

Wallace said he got hit in the back, but predicted he would be able to play Sunday against the Vikings.

"However, as a coach, you can't go there. 'Oh geez, we coulda, woulda, shoulda had that one,' right?" Mornhingweg said about the dropped passes last week against the Bears. "Just because it didn't work, doesn't necessarily mean it was the wrong thing to do. So, you have to evaluate yourself over, and over, and over again. However, sometimes it is. You have to go through that process if you're going to get any better. I try to do that every week, no matter if we do well, or do medium, or do poorly."

Mornhinweg's job would not be in jeopardy if Harbaugh was in the early years of his tenure, but it's year 10. Since moving to Baltimore from Cleveland for the start of the 1996 season, the Ravens have had nine offensive coordinators if you include former head coach Brian Billick, who at one point called his own plays.


Harbaugh tried but didn't succeed in finding a replacement for the then-interim Mornhinweg during the offseason. Instead, he hired Roman as a possible insurance policy if Mornhinweg failed.

Roman was basically going to be the relief pitcher and has been warming up in the bullpen during the last couple of weeks.

He might be getting the call soon.

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