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NFL playoff scenarios for Week 17: It’s win-and-in for Ravens, Browns, Dolphins and Titans in AFC

As the NFL enters the final week of the regular season, there is still plenty up for grabs.

Two divisions — the AFC South and NFC East — will be decided this weekend, as well as the top seed and first-round bye in the NFC.


In total, 11 teams are still fighting for a postseason berth. Even the teams who have clinched a spot still have seedings to worry about.

Here’s what the playoff picture looks like entering Week 17, including possible playoff-clinching scenarios:



Clinched first-round bye

1. Kansas City Chiefs (14-1; AFC West champions)

Remaining game: vs. Chargers

The Chiefs clinched a first-round bye in Week 16 with a 17-14 win over the Falcons. Kansas City will rest its starters, including quarterback Patrick Mahomes, against the Chargers.

Clinched playoff berth

2. Buffalo Bills (12-3; AFC East champions)

Remaining game: vs. Dolphins

The Bills can clinch the No. 2 seed with a win over the Dolphins, but under the new playoff format, that no longer comes with a first-round bye. Coach Sean McDermott hasn’t said whether he will sit his starters. Buffalo would drop to the No. 3 seed with a loss to Miami and a Steelers win over the Browns.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3; AFC North champions)

Remaining game: at Browns

Locked into the No. 2 or No. 3 seed, the Steelers will rest quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and other key starters against the Browns. That hurts the Colts, who need a win and some help to get into the playoffs.

In the hunt

4. Tennessee Titans (10-5; lead AFC South)

Remaining game: at Texans


Tennessee clinches AFC South division title with:

  • TEN win OR
  • IND loss OR
  • TEN tie + IND tie

Tennessee clinches playoff berth with:

  • BAL loss OR
  • MIA loss OR
  • TEN tie + CLE loss OR
  • TEN tie + MIA tie OR
  • TEN tie + BAL tie

5. Miami Dolphins (10-5)

Remaining game: vs. Bills

Miami clinches playoff berth with:

  • MIA win OR
  • BAL loss OR
  • CLE loss OR
  • IND loss OR
  • MIA tie + BAL tie OR
  • MIA tie + CLE tie OR
  • MIA tie + IND tie OR
  • MIA tie + TEN loss

6. Baltimore Ravens (10-5)


Remaining game: at Bengals

Baltimore clinches playoff berth with:

  • BAL win OR
  • CLE loss OR
  • IND loss OR
  • BAL tie + MIA loss OR
  • BAL tie + TEN loss OR
  • BAL tie + CLE tie OR
  • BAL tie + IND tie

7. Cleveland Browns (10-5)

Remaining game: vs. Steelers

Cleveland clinches playoff berth with:

  • CLE win OR
  • IND loss OR
  • TEN loss + MIA win or tie + BAL win or tie OR
  • CLE tie + BAL loss OR
  • CLE tie + MIA loss OR
  • CLE tie + TEN loss OR
  • CLE tie + IND tie OR
  • CLE tie + TEN tie + BAL win + MIA win

On the bubble


8. Indianapolis Colts (10-5)

Remaining game: vs. Jaguars

Indianapolis clinches AFC South division title with:

  • IND win + TEN loss or tie OR
  • IND tie + TEN loss

Indianapolis clinches playoff berth with:

  • IND win + BAL loss or tie OR
  • IND win + CLE loss or tie OR
  • IND win + MIA loss or tie OR
  • IND tie + BAL loss OR
  • IND tie + CLE loss OR
  • IND tie + MIA loss


Clinched playoff berth

1. Green Bay Packers (12-3; NFC North champions)


Remaining game: at Bears

Green Bay clinches the first-round bye with:

  • GB win or tie OR
  • SEA loss or tie

2. New Orleans Saints (11-4; NFC South champions)

Remaining game: at Panthers

New Orleans clinches the first-round bye with:

  • NO win + GB loss + SEA win

3. Seattle Seahawks (11-4; NFC West champions)


Remaining game: at 49ers

Seattle clinches the first-round bye with:

  • SEA win + GB loss + NO loss or tie

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-5)

Remaining game: vs. Falcons

The Buccaneers are locked into the No. 5 or No. 6 seed, which means a road playoff game against a division winner. If the Bucs beat the Falcons or the Rams lose to the Cardinals, Tampa Bay claims the No. 5 seed — and a matchup with the NFC East winner. If the Bucs lose and the Rams win, Tampa Bay claims the No. 6 seed — and a matchup against either the Packers, Saints or Seahawks.

In the hunt


4. Washington Football Team (6-9; lead NFC East)

Remaining game: at Eagles

Washington clinches NFC East division title with:

  • WAS win OR
  • WAS tie + DAL loss or tie

6. Los Angeles Rams (9-6)

Remaining game: vs. Cardinals

Los Angeles clinches playoff berth with:

  • LAR win or tie OR
  • CHI loss or tie

7. Chicago Bears (8-7)

Remaining game: vs. Packers

Chicago clinches playoff berth with:

  • CHI win OR
  • ARI loss OR
  • CHI tie + ARI tie

On the bubble

8. Arizona Cardinals (8-7)

Remaining game: at Rams

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Arizona clinches playoff berth with:

  • ARI win OR
  • ARI tie + CHI loss

9. Dallas Cowboys (6-9)

Remaining game: at Giants

Dallas clinches NFC East division title with:

  • DAL win + WAS loss or tie OR
  • DAL tie + WAS loss

13. New York Giants (5-10)

Remaining game: vs. Cowboys


New York clinches NFC East division title with:

  • NYG win + WAS loss