Former NFL players try to settle the debate: 'Who is the best wide receiver in the draft?'

The question was posed on, “Who is the best receiver in the 2018 NFL Draft?” Four of the five former players had the same answer: Calvin Ridley of Alabama.

Former wide receiver Reggie Wayne selected Ridley, with Wayne saying he reminds him of his former teammate with the Colts, Marvin Harrison. Considering that Harrison was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016, and that’s a lofty comparison.

“There are indeed a ton of similarities. They both had slim frames, could take the top off the defense, separate from coverage and, basically, do it all,” Wayne said.

James Jones, another former NFL receiver, likes Maryland’s DJ Moore, though. “He can consistently make the tough catches and has great ball skills,” Jones said.

The other three panelists, offensive lineman Shaun O’Hara, former Ravens scout Daniel Jeremiah and linebacker Willie McGinest, also chose Ridley. McGinest said, “Ridley's route running is the best in this class.”

With the Ravens sitting at No. 16 overall in the first round, they’ll have to decide whether Ridley, Moore or others are worth the pick.

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