Ravens QB Lamar Jackson has a notable fan: Drew Brees’ son

Though his father spent the past 14 NFL seasons starring for New Orleans Saints, Baylen Brees appeared in an Instagram photo Wednesday wearing a purple shirt with a Baltimore Ravens helmet in his hands.

Drew Brees posted the pic of his son on the social media platform. And the 13-time Pro Bowl quarterback tagged Ravens star Lamar Jackson, offering something of a heads up.


“Lamar, my son Baylen is looking for you at Pro Bowl this week,” Brees wrote. “You are his guy! He’s pumped to meet you.”

Jackson, the 23-year-old presumed MVP, was quick to write back.

“Can’t wait to meet him,” he replied.

Drew Brees and Jackson arrived in Orlando this week for the Pro Bowl at different points in their careers. Brees turned 41 last week and has thrown for more touchdowns and yards than any player in NFL history. He entered the league in 2001, when Jackson was a 4 years old.

Jackson recently wrapped up his first full season as a starter, a record-breaking year that ended with a thud of disappointment. Baltimore entered the playoffs as the AFC’s top seed but suffered a sobering 28-12 divisional round loss to the Tennessee Titans on Jan. 11.

Still, Jackson set a new high-mark for rushing yards in a single season as a quarterback and led the league with 36 passing touchdowns.

He ascended toward stardom and attracted legions of new fans — one of which is accompanying his dad in Orlando.

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