Staff picks for Sunday's Bears-Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium

Staff picks for Sunday’s Bears-Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium:

Jen Badie

Ravens 31, Bears 17

This is a fairly average Bears team that is rushing its rookie quarterback into the starting job. Rookie quarterbacks have had no success against the Ravens at home under John Harbaugh (winless in 11 tries, including the postseason). If the Ravens can keep the momentum going with the offense, this should not be a close game.

Edward Lee

Ravens 24, Bears 16

The Ravens have not been a model of consistency and must avoid another serious injury. But Chicago has looked woeful on both sides of the ball, and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is still a rookie.

Mike Preston

Ravens 24, Bears 10

Chicago is operating on a short week and the Bears will be starting a rookie QB. It is a good formula for a loss.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens 29, Bears 13

The confidence-infused Ravens offense will hit the ground running, which should give Joe Flacco a chance to stretch the field like he did several times against the Raiders. Meanwhile, several large bodies will fall on top of rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky over the course of the afternoon.

Childs Walker

Ravens 23, Bears 13

The Ravens at home against a rookie quarterback have been one of the safest bets in the sport. The jury’s still out on whether they’ve found an offensive identity, but it shouldn’t matter this week.

Jeff Zrebiec

Ravens 20, Bears 10

The Ravens typically make life difficult for rookie quarterbacks a M&T Bank Stadium and Mitchell Trubisky doesn't exactly come to Baltimore with a lot of help around him. The Bears are a team the Ravens should handle.

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