Ravens Live Q&A: Childs Walker and Peter Schmuck answer your questions

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Our Ravens experts, Childs Walker and Peter Schmuck, are responding to your questions throughout Thursday night’s game on Twitter. To join in on the fun, send a question through the widget below. (On our app? Use this form.)

How dumb will you guys feel tomorrow about those 8-8 projections?? :) -Zach Bateman


Well, I picked the #Ravens to win tonight, so I'm already hedging. But as I recall, @Schmuckstop was more optimistic all along. -Childs Walker

Since Cincinnati’s defense is weaker against the pass and stronger against the run, does that change your strategy much? -@SemGeek


Well, the Bengals actually defended the pass a little better in 2017, but #Ravens will try for a balanced attack regardless. -Childs Walker

Should I start Alex Collins or Crabtree at my flex? -@Warren_Pumphrey

My fantasy prognosticating days are largely behind me, but I'd go with Collins. -Childs Walker

WR Breshad Perriman hasn’t had any luck so far trying to latch on to another team. Any chance the Ravens throw him a lifeline? -Glenn Gale

I can't see them going back to Perriman after making a decision that likely stung both sides. They had 3+ years to evaluate. -Childs Walker

If the Ravens bring up a RB from the PS will it be Gus or Turner and why? I would love to see Turner!! -Jon Osborne

Well, by now Jon, I'm sure you know your wish has been granted. Will be interesting to see if Turner can carry over his big-play form from the preseason. -Childs Walker

What’s up with C.J. Mosley? -Don C.


No announcement yet, but when a guy gets carted off the field, it’s seldom good. Looks like a knee injury. Ravens can only hope it’s not a serious one. -Peter Schmuck

When was the last time Flacco strung multiple good games together? -Rodney C.

He was actually better than a lot of people remember in the second half last year. Had a stretch in which his passer rating was 88.9 or better in five of six games. -Childs Walker

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Where is Andrews? Boyle needs to sit. -Jeff LeVine

Andrews has been in there and drew the pass interference call in the end zone that led to the only Ravens touchdown. -Peter Schmuck

Why don’t the Ravens wear Captains patches? -@mmm.a.x


I don’t know the answer to that, but I would guess it’s because John Harbaugh’s motto is “The team. The team. The team.” -Peter Schmuck

What is wrong with Joe tonight? The guy looks like a different person from last week. Is it physical or mental? -Andrew Miller

It's not mental. The simple answer is pressure. He's facing a lot of it tonight and his accuracy has suffered. -Childs Walker

Flacco hasn’t been particularly sharp, but when you fall behind 21-0 in the first quarter and everybody knows you have to throw the ball, it’s that much tougher. The positive here is that the Ravens didn’t fold up. They made all manner of mistakes and still came to make a game of it. -Peter Schmuck

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