Ravens Live Q&A: Childs Walker and Peter Schmuck answer your questions

Our Ravens experts, Childs Walker and Peter Schmuck, are responding to your questions throughout today’s game on Twitter. To join in on the fun, send a question through the widget below. (On our app? Use this form.)

Tickets on StubHub are $6, weather obviously a factor. Can/Will Baltimore support 2 pro teams? @CharmCityCaps


I think we're a long way from saying Baltimore can't support the Ravens, given attendance track record. The weather is miserable, so I wouldn't expect demand on secondary market to be robust. —Childs Walker

Is this Flacco’s year to shine?@Brock_Consulting

Between good health and his new batch of receivers, this is Flacco's best chance to succeed since 2014. I expect him to have his best season since then. —Childs Walker

Who's the best dancer on the team? @jlutt90

Based on available evidence, has to be Brandon Williams. Superb agility and commitment at his size. —Childs Walker

Are they going to get rid of RG3? Please do!@london_londra_loundres

I think they'll keep him until they feel comfortable with Lamar Jackson as a full-time backup. You might not like him, but you'll be happy to have him if something happens to Joe. -Peter Schmuck

Will the ravens have a chance for the Super Bowl this year? —@MelFowler18

Well, all 32 teams have a chance at the moment, but the Ravens need to make the playoffs. If they do, then they do. —Peter Schmuck

Do you think they’ll win the division? —@skyshooter53

The Steelers have to be favorites but if the Le'Veon Bell holdout persists, the AFC North could be on the table and I see the Ravens as second-best team. —Childs Walker

Will the ravens win by more than 7.5 points today?@jtaylor2887

Pretty sure they will. —Peter Schmuck

Will Harbaugh stay true to form and bench those mishandling the ball today, or will he extend some mercy based on the weather conditions?Bruce Friedlander


Bruce, I think Harbaugh will cut both guys some slack because they are performing well. Both returned to the game almost immediately, but John will not put up with repeated turnovers and they both know that. —Peter Schmuck

Did they really think people would forget how the team shamed their Country, State, and City? —Gene

I have no idea what they thought, but the weather probably played a role. If you’re hoping the fans all decide to stay home and the Ravens decide to close the franchise because nobody can forget some players knelt for the National Anthem nearly a year ago, you’re fooling yourself. If they keep playing like they did today, the stadium will be full again soon enough. —Peter Schmuck

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