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Ravens' Harbaugh grieves over death of Andy Reid's son

Speaking in a somber, serious tone, Ravens coach John Harbaugh reflected on his memory of Garrett Reid, the late son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Garrett Reid was found dead in his dormitory room at Lehigh University early Sunday morning. No cause of death has been determined, and an autopsy is pending.


A former Eagles assistant who has maintained close ties to Reid and the Eagles' organization, Harbaugh texted Andy Reid with his condolences a few hours after the body was discovered.

"I just told him how sorry I was, I told him he was a beautiful son and that he's in God's hands," Harbaugh said. "There's no greater family man, there's no greater parents than Andy and Tammy Reid. I learned so much about raising kids from Andy and Tammy, about raising Alison [Harbaugh's daughter.]


"Alison was raised in Philly. Andy was one of the first ones to talk to me about being a good parent besides my dad and mom. I remember the first thing Allison did when Andy held her was she grabbed his mustache and just pulled it as hard as she could."

Garrett Reid, 29, had a long history of drug and legal problems and had spent time in several rehabilitation centers. By most accounts, the oldest of Reid's five children had been getting his life together.

He was working for the Eagles as a strength and conditioning coach and had been around the team on a regular basis since being released from prison three years ago.

"Garrett Reid was a great guy," Harbaugh said. "When Andy first got there, [Garrett] was 15 years old and he was a quarterback and working out every day. He was on a good track from everything I had heard.

"I shared a lot of moments with him after games and locker rooms, things like that at practice. It's a tragedy, but all things work for the good for those who love God. And that's where the Reids are and that's where Garrett is."