Yanda's leg injury not regarded as serious

Pro Bowl offensive guard Marshal Yanda was held out of practice Tuesday after getting his legs tangled up with a defensive lineman on Monday.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh downplayed the severity of the injury.


"He kind of tweaked it a little bit," Harbaugh said. "It's nothing serious, but we had a little pileup, which we were kind of disappointed by. It wasn't anybody's fault. We're just giving him some rest."

Yanda grew up on a farm in Iowa, and has built a reputation for durability and toughness.

The former Iowa standout had emergency surgery on his right leg following a win over the Cleveland Browns on Dec. 24.

Yanda got kicked in his leg and developed compartment syndrome, a compresssion of muscles, blood vessels and nerves that cut off the proper blood supply to his lower leg.

After undergoing surgery to relieve the pressure in his leg, Yanda started the regular-season finale against the Cincinnati Bengals despite dealing with the leg problem and bruised ribs.

The Ravens won the AFC North division title against the Bengals with Yanda blocking well for Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice, who rushed for 104 yards and two touchdowns.

Yanda won a cash bet as a rookie when he allowed a teammate to shock him with a Taser in the chest three times.

Yanda acknowledged last year that it wasn't a high-voltage Taser. It was actually a stun gun that former Ravens cornerback Samari Rolle brought to work.

"It wasn't like a cop's Taser, and it wasn't that high voltage since Samari had the batteries on low," Yanda said. "It wasn't bad at all. They built it up where I got tased. Hey, it was a bet."