"Two years in a row, it didn't feel like we went out kicking and screaming."

— John Elway


The Broncos won Sunday by kicking and screaming.

At least, kicking.

"There was some screaming at the end," Elway told me as he departed the locker room.

Several feet away back in the corner, appropriately enough, because they are cornerbacks, Chris Harris and Bradley Roby were alone.

Everybody knows what happened on the Ravens' last pass.

But, I asked Chris: "What were you thinking on the next-to-last pass?"

He looked over at Roby, grinned like a Cheshire cat, and said: "I was thinking don't be like Rahim."

Roby replied: "I tipped it."

"Don't be lyin'," Harris said.

For those who want to be reminded, Joe Flacco, in that playoff game Broncos fans would like to forget, threw the ball over Rahim Moore's stretched-out arm, and the Ravens would yada, yada, yada.

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