Baltimore Ravens

Wisconsin linebacker Chris Borland met with Ravens

INDIANAPOLIS — Gritty Wisconsin inside linebacker Chris Borland held a formal meeting with the Ravens at the NFL scouting combine.

"It's gone well," Borland said. "The Ravens are a great organization and the meeting was as expected."


At 5 feet 11, 245 pounds, Borland lacks ideall height and is in the mold of other shorter linebackers like Zach Thomas and London Fletcher.

"There's a lot of guys that have gotten it done at a high level being under six feet," Borland said. "You mentioned London Fletcher, he's a guy I watched. Zach Thomas, Chris Spielman is about six feet. A lot of guys have played very well at that size and they kind of paved the way for guys like me. Football's extremely important to me. I put everything into it, and I think that's more valuable than a half-inch or an inch."


Borland had 420 career tackles including 50 for losses, 17 sacks and 15 forced fumbles for the Badgers.

Borland considers himself the most complete linebacker in the draft.

"I'm confident that I am, and I don't know that there are a lot of players that are a better all-around athlete," Borland said. "I don't get maybe a lot of credit for it. I'm small, and straight-line speed is not my strong suit necessarily."

"I feel like I'm the toughest guy here, or at least one of them. We've got a lot of tough guys here at the combine, but I've played through things, no complaint, practice hard, all the right things."

A three-time All-Big Ten Conference selection, Borland is a huge fan of former Detroit Lions linebacker Chris Spielman.

"I met him my freshman year at Wisconsin, he called a few of our games," Borland said. "Since he'll call a game here or there throughout the last five years, got a chance to talk to him a number of times. Just have so much respect for him, even growing up obviously in Ohio you understand what kind of guy he is and how great a player he was."