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Tweeting and eating with the Harbaugh brothers

After Ravens coach John Harbaugh was finished with the team's practice Monday in Owings Mills, he went to see his brother Jim at the Michigan football team's satellite camp hosted by St. Frances at Patterson Park.

From there, the Harbaugh brothers went for dinner "at a crab house in Canton" where John started eating and Jim started tweeting.


"He goes, 'Watch this' and within a minute there were 30 retweets and 60 [favorites]," John Harbaugh recalled after Ravens practice Tuesday. "I couldn't believe how fast people respond to those. Pretty incredible."

Jim Harbaugh's tweet "Celebrating a great day of Football with Family & Friends in the Charm City!" accompanied by a picture of the Harbaugh brothers, their father, Jack, and four others at dinner was retweeted 307 times and favorited by 1,699 more.


Between them, the Harbaugh brothers have 461,000 Twitter followers -- all belonging to the Wolverines' second-year coach.

Asked if he ever thought of getting his own Twitter account, John Harbaugh said, "What would I say? What would I tweet about? Going out to dinner? Take a picture?"

After one reporter made the suggestion that Harbaugh could tweet out injury updates and Kevin Byrne, the team's senior vice president of public relations joked that Harbaugh could tweet "Media irritated me again," the Ravens coach said he might join his brother in the Twittersphere.

"Maybe one day it would be fun," Harbaugh said. "I guess it's growing on me, because the ability to communicate that way would be interesting. I think college is a bigger deal, because of the recruiting thing.

"It's really probably important for them. In our level, I don't know how much value it has. [Seahawks coach] Pete [Carroll] and some of those guys do it, so I'll probably have to see what they say. I'd probably get myself in trouble; say something controversial."

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Harbaugh said the concept of satellite camps, which started a Twitter war between his brother and Alabama coach Nick Saban, would be tweet-worthy.

After extolling the virtues of those controversial camps for a couple of minutes -- pointing out the one on Monday also included lacrosse players and band members – Harbaugh smiled and asked, "Would that be a worthy tweet?"

When it was pointed out that it was a lot longer than 140 characters, Harbaugh laughed.


"That's probably why I can't do it, I talk too much," Harbaugh said.

It probably didn't help that just as the Ravens were about to start practice Tuesday, someone hacked the NFL's Twitter account and posted that commissioner Roger Goodell had died.