Baltimore Ravens

Three things that could go right/wrong for Ravens vs. Jets

Three things that need to go RIGHT …

1. Provide a healthy serving of Rice. The Jets’ run defense was gouged for 234 yards by Darren McFadden and the Raiders last week. The Jets feel it was an aberration, but Ray Rice could test that theory.


2. Ravens defense proves best. In what will be billed as a battle of two elite defenses, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed will be anxious to show their former coordinator that they’re still the gold standard.

3. Ravens win fourth quarter. Both Ravens wins have been blowouts, but such a scenario would be a surprise this weekend, so they’ll need to make key plays late.


Three things that could go WRONG …

1. Ravens turn the ball over. In their two victories, the Jets forced seven turnovers. In their one loss, they created zero. Rex Ryan’s team feeds off mistakes

2. Old nemesis returns to form. A week after expressing displeasure about his role in the Jets offense, wide receiver Santonio Holmes faces an opponent that he’s torched for seven touchdowns in eight games.

3. Ravens get stranded on Revis Island. Even with a run-first mentality, the Ravens’ receivers will have to make plays down the field and that is never easy against Darrelle Revis and Co.