Baltimore Ravens

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard talks about facing Patriots

In the hard-hitting world of Ravens veteran strong safety Bernard Pollard, no quarter is ever asked for or received.

Pollard always expects football to be a violent game, embracing the physical aspect of the NFL even when it has cost him in the past in the form of hefty fines.


And Pollard has no intentions of altering his style or backing down as the AFC North champions prepare for an AFC championship ame rematch Sunday against the New England Patriots.

"There's no intimidation," Pollard said. "You have two good teams going against each other. One thing I say to any football player who is intimidated, you're a coward and a punk. This is a man's game. This is what it is. I am going to call it how I see it. You don't fear no man or no team. We're going to go in there with our heads high and ready to play. We understand what kind of team we are facing.


"This is a very experienced team that has been there before. [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick is [5-1 in conference title games]. I saw that this morning. But that does not scare us. We're going to go out, and we want to outhit you and outplay you and we want to go to the Super Bowl."

Although the Ravens lost to the Patriots last season in the AFC title game, falling short due to Lee Evans being unable to secure a potential game-winning touchdown pass and Billy Cundiff flubbing a chip-shot field goal, Pollard said he isn't consumed with thoughts of revenge.

"We [couldn't] care less about revenge," Pollard said. "If you allow revenge in football to take over on the field, that's when bad things happen. We just have to go play our game. We can't worry about what happened in the AFC Championship game last year. We can't worry about what happened in the regular season. We have to go play football.

"If you call it unfinished business, that means that it is revenge. This is part of what we're doing. This is what we signed up for. In OTAs and training camp, we said the Super Bowl was our stop. We just don't want to stop there, we want to win there. With everything that we're doing, our eye has always been on that Lombardi [trophy]. It starts with getting past this team. We just want to win."