Baltimore Ravens

Terrell Suggs on Byron Leftwich touchdown run: 'He proved all of us wrong'

PITTSBURGH — Sitting at his locker late Sunday night, Ravens Pro Bowl outside linebacker Terrell Suggs broke into a warbling rendition of "Renegade," the Styx song that's become the Pittsburgh Steelers' unofficial theme song.

Following a narrow 13-10 victory over the Steelers, Suggs could finally relax and smile for a moment.

However, he was anything but happy about what happened in the opening minute of the game when he failed to chase down supposedly immobile Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich.

Leftwich sprinted away from Suggs, who's clearly heavier than his listed 260 pounds.

Rambling up the sideline, Leftwich then ran through an arm tackle try by strong safety Bernard Pollard for a 31-yard touchdown run that stands as the longest of his career.

Suggs acknowledged the Ravens had underestimated Leftwich's speed.

"The thing is we said he was a statue," Suggs said. "We said he wasn't going to move. He proved all of us wrong. He did move. He was doing it pretty good. Fast, too.

"I thought we were going to get him down. I thought Bernard was going to be able to hit him and I would go for the strip, but it didn't pan out. It is what it is."

It was an embarrassing play that the Ravens recovered from after allowing the Steelers to take an early 7-0 lead. Leftwich brushed through Pollard and kept on going into the end zone.

"I take full blame for the touchdown," Pollard said. "We've got to stay on alert. When the quarterback takes off, we got to hit him. It sucks, man. You never want to let a quarterback do that to you. I got to take full responsibility."