Baltimore Ravens

Suggs said comments were no big deal

Linebacker Terrell Suggs admitted today that he was frustrated when he questioned the Ravens use of running back Ray Rice in Monday's 12-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he didn't exactly back off his comments either.

Following the game, Suggs said that he was "baffled" that Rice only got eight carries and he also questioned why wide receiver Anquan Boldin didn't get more touches.

"We were just frustrated," Suggs said. "We have to do the things that we win with. We have a pretty chance of winning when those guys touch the ball. That's all I really meant by it. You all can take it however the way you all want to."

 Ravens coach John Harbaugh essentially agreed with Suggs in his news conference Tuesday and said his outspoken linebacker's heart is in the right place.

Asked today if too much was made of his comments, Suggs said, "Like I said, there's really no big deal about that. We're a great team when those guys get the ball. That's what I meant. We have to take our hats off to Jacksonville. They went out there and they played a very physical game. They won the game, but we can't give them any help. That's what I meant by it."