Predictions for Sunday's Ravens-Giants game

The staff was 0-7 last week, as everyone thought the Ravens would pick up a victory at home against the Washington Redskins.

With another NFC East team up this week, here's how writers and editors think the Ravens will fare in Sunday's 1 p.m. game at the New York Giants...


MARK SELIG (4-1 picking Ravens games)
Giants 24, Ravens 20

The Ravens will likely receive an immediate boost from a competent offensive coordinator. Even still, they will be the weakest offense the Giants will have faced to this point. Both quarterbacks have both captured Super Bowls (two for Eli), but considering either "elite" in 2016 is laughable. Expect the type of sloppiness that has defined Ravens games this year.


Ravens 20, Giants 17

Yes, both of these teams are struggling, but Marc Trestman's firing might shake things up enough for the Ravens offense to step up. The offense has been anything but balanced (No. 2 in the league in average passing attempts at 43.4; No. 22 in average rushing attempts at 24.2), but we might see more of a commitment to the running game this week. Either way, it's bound to be another close one.

Giants 21, Ravens 16

I was all set to pick the Ravens after researching Eli Manning's lack of success and getting a sense that the offense will play motivated after Marc Trestman's firing. But the Ravens have so many injuries to significant players, and Manning did not have Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz to terrorize the secondary. Maybe a visit to North Jersey next week will be kinder.

Ravens 17, Giants 14

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The Ravens will play better this week, especially on offense because they have something to prove. It was coordinator Marc Trestman's fault they couldn't score touchdowns, not the players. Both franchises are established, and trying to get back to winning.

Ravens 31, Giants 20

The Ravens vertical passing game will open up, but not because they have a new offensive coordinator. It will be because the Giants have taken a "hands-off" approach to opposing quarterbacks this season. Joe Flacco will finally have time to carve up a secondary.


Giants 24, Ravens 20

These teams are both reeling after entering the season with high hopes. The Baltimore defense is the best unit in the match-up, but it's hard to pick the Ravens to win on the road right now given injuries to key players and the stumbling performance of their offense.

Giants 16, Ravens 14

The Giants don't scare anybody, but the Ravens are just a hard team to trust right now. To win on the road, you have to put up points and avoid mistakes. The Ravens haven't figured out how to do either of the two.