If this year's draft class is as good as expected, the Ravens will have a solid foundation to build upon for years to come. They're going to need it after Friday's announcement of the new contract signed by Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson.

According to reports, Wilson agreed to a four-year contract worth $87.5 million with nearly $60 million guaranteed including a $31 million signing bonus. According to a team source, the Ravens have already had preliminary talks with quarterback Joe Flacco about a contract extension, but those talks aren't even close to being serious.


With the Wilson deal done, the parameters have been set. Regardless if Wilson or Flacco is better, the standard has been set. Often when teams pay this kind of money to a quarterback, it sets them back years as far as signing other quality players on both sides of the ball.

The Ravens couldn't have been happy with the Russell deal. Meanwhile, Flacco will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Be careful with Schaub

While on the subject of quarterbacks, I hope the Ravens don't have backup Matt Schaub throwing a lot of those quick, hitch passes to the far side of the field. Those balls need to be high and outside so only the receiver can catch it.

Schaub's arm isn't what it used to be and some of his passes float, long enough for a cornerback to pick it off and return for a quick six.

Arrington has veteran moves

It's easy to tell that cornerback Kyle Arrington has been in the league for a while. Receiver Kamar Aiken had beaten him down the left sideline for a possible long touchdown pass but Arrington pulled back on Aiken's elbow causing him to drop the ball.

Pass interference? Of course, but just a smart move by a veteran. Apparently, he learned well from his days in New England.

As for Aiken, he was terrible in the first half of practice Friday dropping several passes, but he rebounded well in the second half.

Watch, learn Asa Jackson

Arrington should have given some advice to fellow cornerback Asa Jackson Friday. He got lit up several times including a long bomb from Flacco to veteran receiver Steve Smith.

Smith didn't just make a great catch, he simply blew by Jackson.

Carl Davis looks like the real deal

Rookie Carl Davis, the defensive end/tackle out of Iowa, has been impressive. He appears to have strong lower body strength and could be good with a productive off season in the weight room.


Welcome back, Jarret Johnson

It's kind of cool watching former Ravens linebacker Jarret Johnson return as an intern on the coaching staff. He huddled with linebacker Terrell Suggs on the sideline Thursday afternoon and they were giggling like a bunch of little girls.

Both of them were in the Ravens' draft class of 2003 and they have remained close friends. They were also involved in a lot of pranks and probably were brewing up a few more Thursday.

Switching it up

It's not great for the personal life, but I like the way coach John Harbaugh staggers his practice schedule with different starting times in the morning and evenings.

Training camp becomes boring but the different starting times keeps his players alert. Also, there are various starting times for games during the season, especially with the Ravens playing four on the West Coast in 2015.

Today, the Ravens will come out in full gear with more live action for the first time. This will actually be the first true test.

"Everybody is looking forward to it," said Harbaugh. "That's the next step, so we'll see guys actually blocking people and getting off blocks. We'll still try to keep them off the ground. We'll do everything we can to keep them healthy in that sense, but they'll be banging a little bit harder and the collisions or the tussles that they have in there will be a little more for real, and it'll be a little more like real football."

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