Rod Woodson, former Ravens defensive back

When defensive back Rod Woodson joined the Ravens before the 1998 season, he found his locker in an unusual place: right next to the young Lewis. Players traditionally were paired with players from their position groups, but not in Woodson's case. Lewis was in his third season, while Woodson was 12 years into a 17-year career that would lead to the Hall of Fame. But that didn't stop Lewis from getting along with his older teammate. "I used to talk to him, and he used to tell me that I sounded just like a coach," Woodson said. "It was funny because it ended up being that Ray spoke more like a coach than anybody has ever done. He didn't have a bunch of veterans when he first got there to follow, to learn from, to take him under their wing. I embraced being around Ray. He is a great guy. He was really young at the time, but he had so much passion for the game. He just needed to focus it in the right way, which we all see that he did." -- Jeff Zrebiec
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