Ray Lewis weighs in on Ray Rice situation, calls it 'night and day' to his past legal problems

Retired Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis weighed in on running back Ray Rice's domestic violence case and the team terminating his contract today.

Appearing on ESPN in his role as an NFL analyst, the two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year was quick to say his past legal problems were "night and day" to Rice's felony aggravated assault case.


A video of Rice knocking out Janay Palmer with a punch surfaced Monday morning, leading to the Ravens cutting ties with him and an indefinite suspension for Rice issued by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

"If you treat your mother a certain way, you'll treat your woman a certain way," Lewis said. "When you watch this video, you see that somewhere this young man, some leadership was lost. He got out there   and started doing his own thing and what happens is what's in the dark is going to come to light."

When prompted by host Suzy Kolber about how the Ravens stood behind Lewis when he plead guilty to obstruction of justice in connection to a double murder, he was quick to distance himself from that comparison.

"There's no comparison, it's not about me personally," Lewis said. "Me speaking with the owner of the Ravens, Steve Bisciotti, just moments ago and just listening to what Steve was saying about the reason why Ray Rice will never play for the Ravens again is because when he saw this video himself he put anybody that's connected to him that's a female and in that position, you have to take a step back when you're an owner and you see that type of evidence that you haven't heard before, haven't seen before.

"One thing Steve made very clear: There is no comparison of me and Ray Rice. It's night and day. It's night and day of anything we've ever been through. And that's why both situations are totally different."

Lewis said he plans to speak with Rice soon in person and offer his advice.

"Friends, sometimes friends tell you what you want to hear, best friends tell you what you need to hear," Lewis said. "I told him, 'I will be there to talk to him. I really want to sit down and know what's going on in his heart and what's next for Ray Rice.' I'm not talking about football. I'm talking about as a man. Where is your focus right now?'

"Me and him have been going back and forth via text. I wanted to let him know I'm still encouraged. A lot of fire and darkness are coming at you, but you have to stand still in the midst of this storm. How do you find your way out of this? You humble yourself. You figure out ways to get yourself out of this and you seek counsel. That's why I'm going home to definitely meet with him to be the same mentor I was the first time he walked through the door."